Contact Centre Services

HCL Care is a leading and respected player in the Technical Support Services segment and aims to relentlessly deliver value in addressing each Client’s specific business goals. Helpdesk models are thus tailored to meet the needs of individual customers for successful outsourcing outcome, as the one-size-fits-all option no longer exists. Acknowledging the concerns of the market through commitment and customer feedback, the company has developed solutions for the entire Support Life Cycle Management.

This includes:

  • Multi-Channel Support Solution: Voice / Email / Chat / Web
  • Enabling Tools: CRM, Knowledgebase, Remote Diagnostics

Technical Support Services is HCL Care’s largest service offering in the Contact Centre arena deployed in various services.

These services span across:

Telecom Support Services


Level 1 Support Services

  • Functional Usage Support
  • Provisioning / Installation / Configuration
  • Email / Chat / Web support services

Level 2 Support Services

  • Line fault troubleshooting
  • Line fault repair (Coordination with field service team)

Consumer Hardware / Product Support Services

  • Installation / Configuration Support
  • Product Registration / Activation
  • Functional Usage Support Services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Engineer dispatch
  • RMA / Warranty Support

IT & Software Support Services

  • Troubleshooting –L1/ L2
  • Functional Usage Support Services – L1
  • Repair / Upgrade Issues
  • Engineer dispatch
  • System & Account Management – L1 / L2
  • Warranty/ Post Warrant/ RMA support
  • AMC/ Cross/ Up selling of warranty and Spares

Customer Relationship Management

HCL Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an end to end multi-channel integrated business service covering the entire customer life cycle management (including marketing support, sales support & customer service) that optimizes profitability, revenue, cost to serve and customer satisfaction through transformation enabled solution framework.

Some of the emerging trends in the CRM market are:

  • Emergence of social media in the CRM service outsourcing sphere
  • Demand for platform based CRM delivery model
  • Adoption of business intelligence (BI) services along with CRM value chain and processes
  • Deployment of 24/7 virtual customer service center through multiple channels

HCL CRM Service Portfolio

HCL Care’s Approach

  • Delivery footprint with right shore solution approach
  • Integrated workflow to provide single window process management
  • 24/7 Multi Channel , Multi Lingual Service Capability
  • Optimized channel deflection & sales improvement methodologies
  • Platform based service delivery approach with vertical wrappers

HCL Care Differentiators

  • Multi – Channel based delivery with high deflection to low cost channels
  • Large spectrum of unique CRM sub – processes covering the complete customer lifecycle management
  • Demonstrated capability to reduce cost to serve and improve customer experience
  • Demonstrated capability to sell while servicing
  • Business metrics-driven approach with continuous improvement
  • Analytics driven approach to sales and service
  • Integrated Quality Management System
  • Dashboard and MIS available for real time agent availability and utilization management
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